Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence and data analysis team generates mathematical models and metrics in which statistics and descriptive analytics, and predictive analytics are applied. The analyzes can be carried out on the data provided on the page and the data provided by the company, whether financial statements, production lines, project management and more. 

We create visual statistical reports using tools such as Tableau, PowerBI and other cutting-edge technologies. These reports will allow you to better understand your business, identify key strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.


What we offer?

Data Collection and Preparation:

We work closely with you to identify external data sets relevant to your business. This can include demographic data, market data, competitor data, industry trends, and more. We collect and prepare this data for further analysis.

Interpretation and Analysis:

Our team of data analytics experts examine generated reports to identify significant patterns, trends, and relationships in external data. We are trained to perform statistical analysis and use modeling techniques to obtain deeper and more valuable information.

Data Analysis

After having gone through the collection and storage processes, we generate data cleaning in which we give the appropriate structure and knowledge to be able to process and analyze them.

Identification of Strengths and Opportunities:

Visual statistical reports give you a clear view of your business's strengths and weaknesses, as well as emerging opportunities in the market. You will be able to identify areas where you can improve and take advantage of new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Data Visualization

We use advanced business intelligence and data visualization tools to analyze and present the collected data. We create clear, engaging visualizations, such as graphs, charts, maps, and interactive dashboards, that allow you to explore and understand your data intuitively.

Advice and Strategy:

Based on the results of data analysis, we provide expert advice and strategic recommendations to help you optimize your performance and achieve your business goals. Our personalized approach gives you a competitive advantage by making decisions backed by solid data.

With data analytics we provide a Visual Statistical Report of External Data

Our External Data Visual Statistical Report Service aims to provide valuable and insightful information about your business by generating visual statistical reports. We use cutting-edge business intelligence and data analytics tools, such as Tableau, PowerBI, and other technologies, to present your external data in a visually engaging and understandable way. Through these reports, you will be able to identify key strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, and make informed, data-driven decisions.

Benefits of Intelligent Business Statistical Analysis

Deep understanding of the business:

Visual reports give you a clear and complete understanding of your business by summarizing and visualizing relevant external data.

Informed decision making:

Visual statistical reports provide you with valuable information to support strategic and tactical decision making, allowing you to optimize your performance and capitalize on key opportunities.

Identification of trends and patterns:

Through data analysis, you will be able to identify trends, patterns, and relationships that may go unnoticed in traditional reporting.

Effective communication:

Engaging and understandable data visualizations make it easy to communicate complex information to different stakeholders within your organization.

Frequently asked questions about the service

Answers to your most common questions. Find the information you need here

What type of external data can be included in visual statistical reports?

External data may include demographic information, market data, competitive data, economic data, industry trends, geospatial data and any other relevant information that is publicly available or that can be acquired from reliable sources.

How can I access the statistical reports generated?

Statistical reports can be accessible through online platforms, interactive visualization tools or by generating downloadable files in common formats, such as PDF or Excel. We tailor report delivery to your specific needs and preferences.

What level of customization can be achieved in visual statistical reports?

Our service is tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We can customize reports to include specific metrics and visualizations, as well as adjust the layout and style of reports to align with your brand and visual preferences. We work closely with you to ensure reports are relevant and meet your business objectives.

How do you ensure the accuracy and quality of the statistical reports generated?

We are committed to maintaining high standards of accuracy and quality in our statistical reports. We use advanced data analysis techniques and have a highly trained team of business intelligence and data analysis experts. Additionally, we perform rigorous verification and validation of the data used in the reports to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

What type of data do you need to perform the analysis?

We will need relevant data about your business, such as financial information, sales data, marketing data, etc. This data will help us perform a complete analysis.

How are the results of the analysis presented?

Analysis results are presented in customized reports with easily understandable graphs and metrics. We also offer interactive data visualization so you can explore information in more detail.

How will intelligent business analysis help me improve my business?

Intelligent business analysis will provide you with key insights into your business performance, market trends and growth opportunities. This will allow you to make informed decisions, optimize your operations and maximize the overall performance of your business.

Is technical knowledge required to understand the reports and results?

It is not necessary to have deep technical knowledge. Our reports are designed to be understandable and easy to interpret, even for those without technical experience. Our team will be available to provide you with the necessary support and explain any technical aspects if necessary.

How can I get started with the Intelligent Business Analysis service?

You can contact us through our contact page to schedule an initial consultation. During the consultation, we will discuss your needs and goals, and provide you with information on how we can help you with intelligent business analysis.

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