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What we offer?


Do you have a brilliant idea? We make it happen! At Blue Mint Data, we create impressive landing pages that combine quality and functionality, adapting to your needs and preferences. Landing page is a single page, designed to capture attention and drive traffic towards a specific objective. Connect with your audience and achieve your goals with a landing page from Blue Mint Data!


Ready to stand out in the digital world? At Blue Mint Data, we transform your vision into a stunning website that captivates and converts. We combine creativity, cutting-edge technology and a customer-centric approach to deliver websites that inform and impact.



At Blue Mint Data, we create online stores that stand out and convert. We adjust to your business model and offer 100% customization. Attractive designs, intuitive navigation and simplified purchasing processes will increase your sales.

Why Blue Mint Data? Because we combine innovation, striking design and an impeccable user experience to offer you the best online store. 


At Blue Mint Data, we transform your ideas into exceptional digital experiences. Our team of UI/UX experts create visually appealing and intuitive prototypes that ensure smooth and pleasant interaction for users.

Why choose Blue Mint Data?

  • User-centered design
  • Realistic Mock Ups
  • Innovation and Creativity


Creating your app has never been so easy! At Blue Mint Data, we transform your ideas into exceptional mobile applications that stand out in the market. Our team of experts takes care of the entire process, from conceptualization to launch, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Why choose Blue Mint Data?

  • Quality and Ease
  • Functionality and Performance
  • Comprehensive Support

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Frequently asked questions about the service

Answers to your most common questions. Find the information you need here

How much does custom web design and development cost?

The cost of custom web design and development can vary depending on the specific requirements of your project. We recommend contacting our team for a personalized and detailed quote.

What is the delivery time for my custom website development?

Delivery time depends on the scope and complexity of your project. We will work closely with you to establish a realistic schedule and keep you informed of progress. The exact duration will be determined after an initial evaluation.

Do you offer graphic design services for the visual content of my website?

Yes, our graphic design team can help you create high-quality, engaging visual content for your website. This includes creating logos, images, graphics, and visual elements that align with your brand identity.

How do you make sure my website is mobile friendly?

Our web design and development approach follows current best practices to ensure mobile-friendliness. We create responsive websites that automatically adjust to different screen sizes and devices, providing an optimal experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

Do you provide website maintenance and update services after launch?

Yes, we offer website maintenance and updating services to ensure its continued proper functioning. This includes troubleshooting issues, applying security updates, and adding new functionality as needed. We offer flexible maintenance plans to meet your needs. This is part of another service.

Can you help me with search engine optimization (SEO) of my website?

Yes, as part of our custom web design and development services, we can optimize your website for search engines. We implement SEO practices that help improve visibility in search results and increase organic traffic to your website. This is part of another service.

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